Prospective Patients

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We are the Health Centers of University of Western States and our approach to health care is to consider the patient as a whole person, instead of simply addressing symptoms. We take the time to learn about each patient through an assessment of health status, personal priorities and preferences. This allows our providers to offer personalized recommendations to enhance overall health and wellness, as well as target specific concerns and conditions.



The Health Centers of UWS promote healing through conservative methods rather than aggressive or invasive treatments. We instruct and support our patients in a variety of wellness strategies to actively optimize treatment and help them become an empowered advocates for their personal health.

Our integrated clinic team has a wide range of specialties and professional backgrounds. Whether you are seeking pain relief, improvement in body function and mobility, or enhanced well-being, you receive collaborative care with a broad range of treatment options tailored to your specific needs.


There are three health clinics and a diagnostic imaging center that make up the Health Centers of UWS network, part of University of Western States (UWS). The locations are spread throughout the Portland area and offer a unique variety of services at each clinic. Use our interactive map to explore the services offered and find a location that’s right for you.


The Health Centers of UWS are part of University of Western States (UWS), an educational institution dedicated to excellence in health and science. The university emphasizes patient-centered care and focuses on conservative lifestyle medicine. Because of this institutional association, our clinics provide a cutting-edge spectrum of techniques, proven through scientific research.