Health Centers of UWS honored for their work with Compassion Connect clinic system

The Health Centers of UWS was recently honored for their commitment to providing free chiropractic and massage therapy services to Portland-area underserved and underinsured populations through the Compassion Connect clinic network.

Compassion Connect, a local non-profit that unites Portland churches to provide integrated services to low-income populations in the area, recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their clinic network. To commemorate the anniversary, Compassion Connect honored their partners and service providers including the Health Centers of UWS, which has been involved with the clinics since the beginning.

Compassion Connect has a number of program models they use to get area churches to work together to serve their neighbors. One of these program models is the quarterly mini-clinic model that is done in conjunction with Legacy Health. These clinics attract a crowd of approximately 30 people and are operating in Rockwood, North Portland and Gresham. Another program is the larger clinic model; this type of clinic is done yearly in each designated area. These clinics, unlike the mini model, attract hundreds of people needing services. UWS has provided services at both models.

The services provided at both the mini and larger clinics are holistic and include medical services as well as several wrap-around services, including haircuts and followup services.

“Without providers such as UWS, we could not do this work,” Anna Johnson, compassion network coordinator said. “Many of the people who come to these events are doing very labor-intensive jobs and for many of these people the chiropractic and massage services are a life saver.”

Compassion Connect handed out the award to UWS at their annual Compassion Clinic summit on April 9.

“We are very proud of this award. It’s an honor to be acknowledged for the work we do in our communities,” Dr. Joseph Pfeifer, vice-president of clinic affairs said. “Our collaboration with Compassion Connect is one of the many ways we pursue our mission to ‘improve the health of society.’ We value this and other partnerships that allow us to provide health care services to populations in need while providing our students with gratifying opportunities to be engaged in service to our neighbors.”

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